Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HPD & TM has fused!!!

Hey, me and my good mate Shhada has fused our teams. HPD & TM Became Special Street & Touge Drifters [SSTD]. Visit for more info ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Great Illigal Street Drifting Video

AE86 Trueno Turbo + New Realistic Line

Hey, i was like: hmm lets make a line! so i did this ae86 trueno turbo line of an car i had somewhere. its my first line so dont be to critical xD u can download the car + line at Downloads

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jimmy & Daan are back!

Japan Fantasy Hill V2 Article

Hey everyone. I decided to install Japan Hill V2.0 and i was amazed about it. This map is a drift map based on the touge drift hills in Japan. This map has all kinds of corner long, smaller hairpins, u name it, it has it. This map is 5 times the length of Shanghai International Speedway and takes at least 10 minutes to drive through it. The rightfull owner & author of this map is hjp554. I also took a bucn of pictures to give u n idea of what it looks like if u haven't seen it before:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Samp Touge Event

Hey everyone! i planned a big touge event in samp. This will be held with stock elegy and i will film everything and make a cool vid. The first place i wanna film is at big ear (also knows as drift21) at all corners. Everyone that i know and that can drift with an Elegy can join.

To prevent chaos (like last time) i made some ''rules'' :

1. all line up, laggerz behind so i can cut if out if needed
2. once the countdown finished every1 leaves line with AT LEAST 2 SECONDS DISTANCE
3. if u crash make sure u leave the road immidietly so u can make room for others

Everyone that wanna join, tell me on msn and ill start the memberlist. If u dont have me on msn my e-mail is at contacts onthis site. To give u an idea of what it will look like when its done check the vid under this post. Till then ;)

Nice Drift Vid Touge Style